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You are online at a coffee shop, hunting for an electrician, while your family is at home enjoying a -- let's say --somewhat more romantic setting.


Your lights dim or flicker when you use appliances like these.

Does Your Toaster make the lights dim?Does Your Hairdryer make your lights dim

You are buying extension cords in multi-packs.

Too Many Extension Cords

Your 13 year-old asks why his friends don't have outlets like this.

Does this look familiar?

Outdated and obsolete wiring and fixtures present very real risk of fires and electrocution. Sometimes it takes someone else to point out a dangerous situation that we have grown comfortable with over the years. A licensed electrician like those at Gainsley Electric can help you to determine how to properly update youur home's electrical environment, whether inside the home, outdoors or even in out-buildings.
Extension cords should not be a substitute for proper house wiring. If you are constantly adding extension cords, you should have a licensed electrician like Gainsley Electric examine your home's wiring and solve it in a permanent, safer way. Extension cords present a very real fire risk, particularly if there is more than one appliance plugged into one. An extension cord can get hot enough to burn long before causing a fuse or circuit breaker to trip. Always be certain an extension cord is properly rated for the load you are asking it to carry. Gainsley Electric has been helping homeowners like you throughout the Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Western Wayne County areas to stay safe for more than 20 years.
If turning on your hairdryer causes the bathroom lights to dim or fan to slow down, it indicates it is time to have an additional circuit added. Also double check to see that your bathroom outlets are protected by GFI, Ground Fault Interrupt devices. If they are not, be sure to call the licensed electricians at Gainsley Electric to remedy the situation. It might be a good time to consider the installation of whole-house GFI protection.
Appliances like toasters, toaster ovens and microwave ovens draw a large amount of electricity. If you see lights dim or fuses or breakers tripping when you use an appliance, it is an indication you need to have additional circuits for your kitchen. Be sure to hire an experienced, licensed electrician, like Gainsley Electric, to make your kitchen safe for all of your appliances.
If you have power outages that are not shared by neighbors, you should have a licensed electrician, like Gainsley Electric find out why. Just resetting breakers or replacing fuses does not solve the problem and is exposing you and your home to needless risks.

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