Other Electrical Services

Don’t Climb a 20-Foot Ladder Just to Change a Bulb

Lighting Fixture Hoists

A fixture mounted in a high ceiling place can be fitted on a hoist that allows it to be lowered for easy cleaning and bulb changing.
Old Wiring
Surge Suppression
Protect Your Expensive Electronic Equipment

Surge Suppressor Protection

Much of today’s household appliances are controlled by electronics that are sensitive to electrical spikes from lightning or electrical grid issues. Gainsley Electric can install surge suppression protection for selected circuits or the entire electrical system in the home or building.

Is Your Current Elecrical Setup Driving You Nuts?

Problem Resolution

Is there a switch or plug that doesn’t work? Do you have a circuit that keeps tripping the breaker? Gainsley Electric does expert troubleshooting and repair of open and short circuits.

Electrical Problems
Old Electrical Wiring
Get Rid of That Fire Hazard

Rewiring Older Homes

Add the convenience, security  and peace of mind of quality new electrical systems to your older home for increased value.

Get Up and Running Quickly

Fire and Storm Repair

Gainsley Electric can immediately reinstall the service riser and meter after a bad storm.  We can also provide temporary service to your home after a fire.

Electric Meter Repair

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