Correct Code Violations

Electrical Codes Evolve

Electrical codes are constantly changing. As a licensed electrician, Bill Gainsley is required to keep current on local and state electrical codes. Gainsley Electric can inspect your system and make corrections as needed. Make sure your building is electrically as safe and reliable as possible. Inspection charges will be applied to the cost of necessary repairs done by Gainsley Electric.

Old Electrical Wiring
Old House Wiring
Safety First

Rewiring Old Homes

There are appoximately 51,000 home electrical fires in the US every year.  Make sure your wiring is safe, and up-to-date.  When updating an old home’s wiring, Gainsley Electric will:

  • Remove that old knob & tube wiring and install new Romex wiring.
  • Properly install new circuits to code.
  • Replace old switches and outlets with new styles and colors.
Update Your Wiring When You Update Your Look

Kitchen Rewiring

Forty-four percent of house fires start in the kitchen, so this is one area that really needs to be addressed if you have old wiring.  When Gainsley Electric updates old kitchen wiring, we will:

  • Replace that old, outdated wiring in your kitchen with new Romex wiring.
  • Add new, twenty amp, properly GFI protected small appliance circuits.
  • Add new circuits for all major appliances to make your life easier and user-friendlier.
  • We can light up your life with new recessed lighting, track lighting or tech lighting under, above cabinetry. We can even add lighting inside glass cabinetry.
Rewire Kitchen
Bathroom Rewiring
Water and Electricity Don’t Mix

Bathroom Rewiring

Old bathroom wiring can be a shock hazard, and can also lead to fatal executions.  Practicing safe habits and having safe electrical wiring in the bathroom is of utmost importance.  When we replace old wiring in your bathroom, we will:

  • Replace that old wiring with new Romex wiring.
  • Install new GFI outlets and twenty amp dedicated circuits.
  • Replace that old vanity fixture with a new, stylish type fixture that will give you better light when you are putting on makeup or shaving.
  • Install a new bath exhaust fan, fan light combo unit, heat-a-vent light unit, or heat lamp and vent unit, all properly vented to the outside, to remove odor and moisture laden air.
  • For that chilly tile floor, we can install warm tile heat mats to make your life more comfortable.
  • Install a wall heater to take that cold chill away on a winter day.
  • Add new recessed shower lighting.
  • Install wiring for that new Jacuzzi tub or sauna shower unit for when you want to relax and pamper yourself after that long run or workout.
  • We can also install wiring for a new towel warming and drying bar so you will always have a warm dry towel.
Turn Your Basement Into The Hangout Spot

Basement Wiring

Most homes have their electrical system come in through the basement, and subsequently have their fuse box or circuit breaker box housed there.  Gainsley Electric wants to make sure your system is safe.  Here are a few other things we offer for your basement:

  • We can make that old, dark, dingy basement come alive with new recess lighting track or fluorescent lighting.
  • Whether your ceilings are short or tall, we can design the correct lighting for the space.
  • We can install new outlets and switches with many styles and colors to choose from.
  • We can add new telephone and television jacks for that new entertainment center or wire for that new home video projector for more fun and excitement for the whole family.
  • We can extend your home computer network into a basement office.
  • Don’t forget about the new bar or kitchenette. You will need new GFI outlets and circuits to run the refrigerator, wine cooler, microwave, mixer, television and radio.
Basement Rewiring

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